Write. Read. Enjoy.

“I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know our family enjoyed the books we ordered. It was so nice to see my son’s poem and name published in the book. It will be a keepsake for always.”

Fine Writing Nourishes the Soul

Isn’t it great when students write and read because they love to? Or, when a child or young adult values his or her library card as much as the latest electronic game? At Pine Tree Poetry, we believe fine writing nourishes everyone’s soul. It exercises brains with creative thinking and adds a palette of words and colors to life.


Contributing to Student Poetry

Pine Tree Poetry contributes three important elements to the realm of student poetry. We:

  1. Receive, read, evaluate, select (a few) and publish the best poems written by poets ages 5 – 18.
  2. Give a free copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection to the library of every school that has one or more students published.
  3. Highlight the life lesson that many will write and the best will be chosen. We are not a vanity publishing company!

Award Winning

Rarely do students earn kudos or trophies for their writing, but at Pine Tree Poetry, we are dedicated to rewarding the fine writing achievements of students who are 5 – 18.

We’re out to change the world one poem at a time and we invite students, parents, librarians, teachers and those who love the written word to join us.