In honor of budding and accomplished poets in grades K-12 and the celebration of National Poetry Month in April, students are invited to write a poem on their favorite subject for review and publishing consideration in The Pine Tree Poetry Collection .

How it works:

Poems written may be part of a class poetry lesson, an enrichment project, or written by students on their own. One poem per student, please.
All poems must be the students’ own work.
We do not tolerate plagiarism!
Any style of poem is fine.
Carefully handwritten or computer printed poems need to have the student’s first and last name and home mailing address on the page and they may be sent to us at:Pine Tree Poetry
2779 South Church Street
Suite 304
Burlington, NC 27215

The deadline for a postmark is May 31st of each year.

Our group of editors will read every poem we receive and will choose the best ones from all grade levels to include in The Pine Tree Poetry Collection.
Poets chosen for the collection will receive a letter from us, and the Pine Tree Poetry Collection will roll off the press and ship in early November.
Each teacher or librarian who submits their students' poems accompanied by the School Submission Form will receive a free copy of the book for their classroom/library.
Students are invited to buy a book if their poem is chosen, but buying a book is not required in order to be selected for publication.

Click here to download a .pdf of the Pine Tree Poetry participation rules.