What’s the difference between Pine Tree Poetry and other poetry forums that are available for our students?

  We read everything we receive and select the best from all grade levels, from 5 year old kindergarten students to 18 year old seniors, so we’re not a vanity press.
  A free copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection is shipped to the school library of every school that submits poetry.

May a student submit more than one poem?

Just one poem per student, please.

What does a copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection cost?

We publish The Pine Tree Poetry Collection in soft cover editions with a color laminate cover. The the soft cover issue is $18.95, including shipping.

How can I purchase a copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection?

Students whose poems are chosen for publication will receive an order form with their permission slip. Others who wish to purchase a copy may place an order with us directly. Click here to place your order.

Does Pine Tree Poetry accept copies of poems?

If a poet wishes to keep his or her original copy of a poem, we will accept a copy as long as full contact information is on the submission and it isn’t being submitted elsewhere for publication.

Can a student’s poem be re-published elsewhere, or does Pine Tree Poetry own the copyright?

The poet owns his or her poem, but we have first publication rights if we select it for The Pine Tree Poetry Collection, and for a year after we publish.

Is there any way to influence what poems are published?

Good writing at any age level influences us a lot! We aren’t influenced by phone calls, pleading letters or a parent’s promise to buy 20 copies of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection.

What does Pine Tree Poetry do with the students’ contact information on their poetry submissions?

If a student’s poem is chosen for publication, we send a letter and permission slip to the parents or guardians. We may also communicate if we find plagiarism or if we need to discuss the poem. This personal information is never shared outside of Pine Tree Poetry.

Why does Pine Tree Poetry request permission slips?

We require permission to publish from the parent or guardian of any student poet we choose for publication. We need to ensure that they know their child has written the poem we’ve selected, and that it’s OK to include their work in The Pine Tree Poetry Collection. For this reason, we prefer the student's home address rather than the school address on their poem.

What happens if you find a plagiarized poem?

We consider plagiarism to be unethical and a type of stealing, so we make a big deal about it when we discover it. In very young children who are inexperienced writers, plagiarism can be inadvertent, but we don’t excuse it. Young children need to learn why it’s wrong. Older writers should know better. When we find plagiarism, we communicate with teachers and parents/guardians so they’ll handle it in a constructive way.

Do poems need to be received by the deadline, or just postmarked by that date?

Just have them in the mail by that date. Teachers may call for extensions if needed.

May a teacher or librarian collect all of the students’ poems and mail them together?

Definitely! This is the required method if they want to receive their free school copy. But don't forget each student’s submission must have his or her full contact information on the poem.

Is there a fee to publish a student’s poem?

No. We select and publish poems based solely on the quality of the writing.

When will we know if a poem has been selected for publication?

We begin reading poems as soon as they arrive and will begin notifying students as their poems are selected. All notifications will be completed by September 1.

Can a school librarian receive a free copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection even if none of his or her students are published?

If a librarian submitted student poems, we will provide a free book as long as the poems are submitted along with the school submission form.