Although we love reading the poetry students write, we have a few requirements for submission. Full participation details are here.

One poem per student
If the submission is mailed to us, it may be neatly handwritten. Since we’re not experienced hieroglyphic analysts, it really helps to have neatly written or computer printed poems.
We require full contact information, whether we receive the poems by email or snail mail. We will not share your contact information outside Pine Tree Poetry. We use the contact information to:

1. Notify poets if their poems are selected for publication.
2. Request the parent or guardian’s permission to publish the student’s work, if their poem is selected by our editors.
3. Communicate with the poet if we have any questions while editing the poems for publication.
4. Communicate with a parent or teacher if we discover evidence of plagiarism.

Many of us communicate by email, so we’ve set up an online submission form for poems. Or if you prefer to mail poems to us, our mailing address is provided below.

To send a poem electronically through this web site, click here.

If you’re mailing a poem or several students’ poems, each poem needs to have this information on each page:

1. Poet’s first and last name
2. Home address with city, state and ZIP code
3. Contact email address (if available)
4. Poet’s age
5. School name
6. Teacher or Librarian’s name

Items #5 and 6 are needed only when poems are being submitted by the school. Our mailing address is:

Pine Tree Poetry
2966 South Church Street
Suite 304
Burlington, NC 27215