We’re readers and writers who love poetry and Pine Tree Poetry is our way of giving something worthwhile and fun to the children and young adults who may need a bit of encouragement to write poetry. Also within our circle are parents, grandparents and a few former teachers who want to support teachers and librarians with a student writing opportunity with substance.

Through Pine Tree Poetry, great things can happen for student poets and their schools.

1. We receive, read and evaluate poems written by poets between the ages of 5 – 18, picking the best ones for annual publication in The Pine Tree Poetry Collection.
2. We give a free copy of The Pine Tree Poetry Collection to the library of every school that submits poetry.

Although all children and young adults have gifts, we will pick only the best poems we receive for publication. We believe that part of the students’ education is learning that there can be as much joy in creating as there is in recognition. So this is not a vanity press that publishes all poets.

Choosing the poets we publish
Since the students who write the poems cover a wide range of ages and grades, we include poems that represent the full spectrum of ages. All poetry styles are welcomed. We read everything we receive at least once and often they’re re-read a few times. It’s not unusual to see a group of our editors reading poems aloud and sharing a few giggles or wiping away a tear or two.

Our Timeline

We receive poems throughout the year, and choose from the ones we receive by mid-May, for each year’s The Pine Tree Poetry Collection.
The parents or guardians of the best poets receive a mailing asking for their permission to publish their child’s work by September 1st. Students are invited to buy a book if their poem is chosen.
Permission slips MUST be returned by the date specified on them. Poetry can not be published without written permission.
The Pine Tree Poetry Collection is published and shipped in early November.